Basic information

MYGRA-CZ  is a citizen-action public that originated on the basis of a meeting of patients with a diagnosis of Myasthenia gravis, their family members and experts dealing with problems of this disease, on 16. 5. 2009 at the Neurological Clinic in Prague.

This meeting was initiated by MUDr. Jiří Piťha from  MG Center Prague. He asked a couple of patients and suggested they might organize historically first meeting of patients with MG. Thus, the die was cast.

During the meeting in Kateřinská street in Prague a five-membered committee of the citizen-action public was successfully elected, the name of the association was chosen and agreed: MYGRA-CZ, statutes were proposed and approved.

During negotiations principal objectives of the citizen-action public MYGRA-CZ also emerged:

  1. Gain and spread information about this disease among wide lay public
  2. Participate in improvement of living conditions of patients with MG


The highest body of the association in the General Meeting.


Executive Comittee 

  • Helena Brůhová - chairpresson
  • Miriam Křivková - vice-chairpresson
  • Marta Kunzová - project coordinator
  • Martina Podlipská - project coordinator
  • Ladislava Bucková - treasurer



21. 1. 2012